Cryptolifedital adheres to a strict editorial policy that’s guided by trust, translucency, objectivity, and quality sourcing.
Commitment to translucency
Journalists are needed to expose if they have an interest in an asset or design mentioned in a post. In such a case, there’s a “ Commitment to translucency ” disclaimer shown at the end of the post.
Rigorous Fact-Checking
The data must be always delivered with utmost neutrality. Before a composition is published, it’s examined by an editor to ensure all data are presented objectively and free from bias.
High-Quality Sources
When covering news, we only cover stories that have been vetted by estimable news agencies. In addition, to ensure translucency and give proper criteria, all news is cited to its source.
Brand and criterion
All of our pens are needed to reference images and quotations that are within the public sphere and always attribute any means used to the original proprietor or creator.
pens ’ Opinions Pieces
From time to time, authors will publish opinion papers. The views and opinions of the author don’t inescapably reflect the views and opinions of Cryptolifedigital
Strict Advertising Guidelines
Cryptolifedigital doesn’t do business with any systems that announce any form of guaranteed returns, use deceptive marketing, or refuse to intimately identify team members.

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