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Lugano, The Biggest City In The Switzerland Ticino Canton, Has Recognized Bitcoin (BTC), The Largest Cryptocurrency, And Tether (USDT), The Leading Stablecoin

Lugano, the biggest megacity in the Switzerland Ticino canton, has honored Bitcoin( BTC), the largest cryptocurrency, and Tether( USDT), the leading stablecoin, as well as the megacity’s LVGA, Points token as “ de facto ” legal tender. The occupants of that megacity could now use the forenamed cryptocurrencies in paying duty and to some extent to buy goods after the erection of the technological structure. This happed after the megacity had a meeting of cooperation with USDT issuer Tether Operations Limited. They’ve established a center for blockchain relinquishment, which could potentially turn Lugano into a major cryptocurrency mecca. Tether and other crypto companies will also produce a major fund in the megacity for erecting blockchain services. This swiss Frans will remain the only legal tender in Lugano just like El Salvador made bitcoin the last September as the alternate sanctioned currency.

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