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Charles Hoskinson’s IOHK Gathered Most Important Cardano Updates in Last 10 Days

Charles Hoskinson and IOHK’s functionary accounts have recently shared information about the most important updates to the Cardano ecosystem, including stablecoins, sidechains, hookups, and more.
A long thread included information about colorful systems concentrated on developing a variety of results. The first Cardano- grounded result shared by IOHK was Wingriders DEX which went live by launching the main net version of the platform.

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JpgStore NFT-marketplace based on Cardano network announced Launchpad Cohort 2, which is aimed at supporting more projects launching on the platform.

The business will give both financial and marketing support to collections that chose Cardano for dealing with their non-fungibles. As for different NFT platforms, NFTMaker blazoned the token trade, which will be in April.
As for decentralized finance systems, AdaSwap partnered with TokensFarm and brings liquidity provision and staking granges to the platform. It’ll allow druggies to earn a stable income by depositing their ADA coins into decentralized smart contracts.
MuesliSwap decentralized exchange has also blazoned limit barters on all major DEX protocols through MuesliSwap, piecemeal from the redesign of the platform. Other DeFi platforms like MInswap are currently ‌implementing Djed stablecoin.

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In addition to the aforementioned projects, IOHK shared information about smaller solutions powered by the Cardano network and promised to keep the community up to date with upcoming updates.

As for the market performance of Cardano on the market, the coin is, unfortunately, losing its preliminarily gained value by retracing by further than 20 in the last seven days. ADA has formerly dropped below the$ 1 threshold and is continuously going down as the cryptocurrency request fails to remain in an uptrend.

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