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170.5 Billion SHIB Bought by These Whales in Past 2 Days: Report

While Shib has not been showing any massive price surges recently, large Ethereum whales continue to acquire it, taking profits on small rises in the exchange rate.

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Thus, over the past two days, whales have purchased almost $4 million worth of this canine token.

175 billion SHIB bought by these top investors

WhaleStats data platform, which tracks the largest wallets on several chains, including Ethereum and BNB Chain, has shared the details of two big purchases of the Shiba Inu meme token made earlier today and on April 27.

Both transactions were made by the owner of the “BlueWhale0073” wallet, carrying 70 billion SHIB yesterday and a total of 100,469,653,862 Shiba earlier today. The fiat equivalents of these crypto amounts are $1,619,800 and $2,329,891, respectively.

SHIB recovers the top holding position from FTT

The WhaleStats website has shared that just now Shiba Inu has recovered the position of the largest holding among Ethereum investors. Previously, the token had lost it to FTX Token (FTT), its regular rival for this honorable spot.

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Currently, SHIB is held by whales’ largest crypto holding by USD value, MATIC is the largest held token and UMA is the most-traded one. The amount of SHIB held y whales consist of 18.38% of their comprised portfolio—which implies  46,163,625,767,697 Shiba tokens worth $1,075,689,905.

The amount of FTT owned by the ETH whales at the time of writing is 24,493,640 coins, worth slightly less than a billion USD.

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