Cardano’s Vasil Network Implementation in Project to Be Delayed for “Months,” Here’s Why

As stated by the most recent Cardano community discussion and details from the IOHK report on Vasil hardfork, decentralized applications built on the Cardano network will not see all features and developments right away. Certainly, it will take weeks or even months until Cardano-based dApps update.

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Why will Vasil’s new features be implemented with a delay?

The reconsideration of the Plutus script’s logic, submitting to a new blockchain and other advantages we have described in the most recent Vasil-related article will most likely reach specific decentralized apps with a delay.

The principal reason is tied to the complicated process of transfer of solutions based on the present phase of the blockchain to the new foundation. Most users agree that solutions that already work in the space like Minswap and SundaeSwap will need months to rewrite a massive amount of scripts and make a complete audit.

Whenever the network implements new features via hardfork, solutions based on it are applying recent changes relatively slowly. We could compare the same process with Ethereum’s EIP-1559 update which brought a fee-burning mechanism that was fully implemented by all pools only a month after.

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Users are not happy with Cardano-based apps’ tendency to slowly implement new updates. “Thanks” to the slow implementation process, the newly emerged smart-contract technology announced back in August 2021 is only now getting recognition in the blockchain sphere.

The first basic effect felt by cryptocurrency users was observed only in March when countless decentralized applications like Minswap, SundaeSwap, and Wingriders were fully released, attracting more than $300 million in TVL and pushing ADA into a new 50% rally.

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