Whales Holding 1.19 Trillion SHIB Buy Trendy Coins, But This Investor Sticks to Shiba

Two whales that acquire roughly 1.2 trillion SHIB tokens together have bought a few other trendy coins to add to their portfolios. These investors, “Gimli” and “Bombur,” have previously acquired substantial amounts of SHIB.

Meanwhile, the acquisition of the second-largest meme coin continues as another major ETH whale has bought 57.9 billion Shiba.

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SHIB whales buying LINK and APE

Two whales whose wallets are named after characters in J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels, “Gimli” and “Bombur,” have been reported to be expanding their crypto holdings, adding other trendy coins to their riches.

They have held over $1.1 million worth of these coins each.  “Bombur” has grabbed 55,188 APE worth $1,189,317. “Gimli” has purchased 114,990 Chainlink, paying $1,463,822 for it.


Unlike other big ETH whales who buy SHIB and then sell it almost immediately, these two are holding their meme tokens—so far. The wallet of “Bombur” shows $14,988,495 worth of SHIB held by this address—4.12% of the portfolio.

“Gimli” wallet contains $12,347,908 worth of Shiba Inu, which constitutes 21.06% of the crypto portfolio. These investors own a total of 1,193,181,818,181 Shiba Inu.

Another huge investor who has brought a major amount of APE worth earlier today is  “BlueWhale0098.”

He has made three transactions, buying roughly 167.6 million APE worth $3.6 million. ApeCoin is the largest crypto holding of this investor, according to the page of his wallet on WhaleStats, as it constitutes 64% of his crypto riches.

Another whale buys 58 billion SHIB

Meanwhile, another investor has acquired a jaw-dropping amount of Shiba. Thirteen hours ago, whale “BlueWhale0073” grabbed a comprised 57,979,293,909 SHIB—the equivalent of $1,334,683.

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Notwithstanding, the investor has already sold most of thi Shiba stash as at writer’s time his 0x66e092fd00c4e4eb5bd20f5392c1902d738ae7bc contains only $107,000 worth of SHIB.

According to the cryptolifedigital earlier this week, the owner of this wallet acquired a staggering 170 billion SHIB within two days.

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