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Avalanche (AVAX) Team Shows Reason Subnets Are Better Than Other Scalability Solutions

In 2022, Avalanche (AVAX)  high-functioning programmatic blockchain integrate its Subnets methodology to scale the main network and further its functionality and usability. Here’s how Subnets addresses the most dangerous bottlenecks of dApps.

User-friendly, independent, “out-of-the-box”: Why are Subnets special

In its recent Twitter thread, the Avalanche team decided to cover the most crucial advantages of its Subnets module. Technically, Subnets should be considered the autonomic networks connected to Avalanche’s C-chain.

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As such, Avalanche’s Subnets can be programmed to meet the requirements of this or that  DeFi protocol, on-chain game, NFT marketplace, and so on.

Each Subnet leverages a dedicated block space: unlike first-gen scalability solutions for mainstream dApps, they do not compete for mainnet computational resources.

It allows customers to secure the entire Avalanche (AVAX) network from outages, collapses, and fee spikes even during periods of high transactional pressure.

Multiverse program starts onboarding Avalanche-centric dApps

More also, Subnets are a “ready-made” technical basis for decentralized applications: the new dApp can be deployed to Subnets in a matter of hours, not days, as stressed by Avalanche representatives.

This implies, that the protocol is going to expand the visibility of AVAX’s Subnets brand. The Multiverse program launches to onboard all applications interested in building on Subnets.

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To apply for the program, developers should fill out a specific form. Also, the team of Avalanche teases the release of novel resources and tools for Subnets-focused engineers.

As initially brought by Cryptolifedigital, Avalanche’s Subnets were criticized by Polygon’s COO.

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