Dogecoin Co-Founder Makes Important Statement

One of the founders of the Dogecoin project has posted an important reminder on his official  Twitter account about his connection to the cryptocurrency in its present state.

In his post, Billy Markus said that he is no more working on Dogecoin. He left the meme currency a full seven and a half years ago, and he will never start working on it again despite being one of the biggest ambassadors for Due.

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Though some users do not support his decision, he plans to show what true decentralization is. While Dogecoin is not the most technically sophisticated ecosystem in the industry, it still undergoes active development despite the lack of a “leader.”

“Shibetoshi Nakamoto” has also touched on the definition of the cryptocurrency market, ironically, describing it as a blend of “hopium,” “FOMO,” panic, and other phenomena circulating in the industry. He also added that it is fascinating to look into human nature as it is intertwined with money.

Despite being away from the core of the project, Markus agrees that the Dogecoin ecosystem becomes fine with the speculation around it. He also said that utility is the main priority on which the dogecoin team should focus in the present and the future.

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Concerning the Doge’s price, Markus told his subscribers numerous times that he feels nothing about it. The frustration of the community is tied to the fact that DOGE has lost more than 85% of its value since the all-time high.

While being down massively, DOGE also delivers no signs of a potential reversal and has kept on losing value for the last 200 days, becoming one of the worst-performing assets on the crypto market.

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