96 Million Shiba Inu Burnt In 24 Hours, 2.41 Billion in 7 Days: Contribution Details

Data from the tracking platform Shibburn reveals that past week over 2.41 Billion tokens of the dog-inspired cryptocurrency Shiba Inu (SHIB) was burned with nearly 236 separate transactions. 1Cent token and Travis Johnson’s SHIB Burn Games are among the major SHIB Burn contributors of the Week.

According to a recent tweet from Shibaburn.com, the SHIB Army has permanently removed a whopping total of 2,417,015,301 (2.41B) SHIB tokens from circulation in the last seven days through 236 separate transactions.

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Among prominent SHIB Burners, the SHIB-inspired token, “1Cent,” organized its Weekly Burn Event on Tuesday. In two separate transactions, the 1Cent token has destroyed an astounding amount of 74,450,084 (74.45M) SHIB.

The team behind the token first sent 7,529,854 (7.52M) SHIB to the dead wallet in one transaction. Following the first burn transaction, the team took a gap of almost one hour and later performed another transaction through which 66,920,230 (66.92M) more of SHIB have been destroyed, Etherscan.io reports.

Shortly after organizing the weekly BURN EVENT, the team updated the total number of Burn SHIB tokens on its official website. The project claims to burn a whopping total of 2,161,207,079 (2.16B) SHIB through 11 separate transactions since March 14th, 2022.

Last 24 Hour Burn:

Asides from weekly burns, an overall amount of 96,956,046 (96.95M) SHIB tokens have been sent to the dead wallet by Shiba Inu Community through 19 separate transactions in the last 24 hours, with the help of the SHIB Burn Portal, Shibburn.com reports.

Top SHIB Burner of the Day: Travis Johnson’s SHIB Burn Games

Travis Johnson’s SHIB Burn Games, one of the significant SHIB Burner projects, made the single largest burn transaction in the past 24 hours while organizing its Second Weekly Burn Event. The burn transaction includes over 48.9 million Shiba Inu tokens.

The firm shared a few screenshots and a transaction link via tweet as  “Evidence of Burn” with the community following the Burn Event.

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Before this, the developers of Brick Busters game organizes the monthly Burn Event on the 15th of every month. After the announcement of the distribution of the first ShibaBurn, the company planned to change its burning schedule, i.e., SHIB Burn Games will now burn SHIB every week instead of once a month.

The company has been contributing to Shiba Inu Burns since November 2021. Since then, the project claimed to forever remove 2,085,102,807 (2.08B) SHIB tokens from circulation.

On May 26 (Thursday), the firm introduced a new way to burn SHIB, i.e., Burning SHIB via Amazon. The company declared the Amazon affiliate program accepted SHIB Super Store’s official website. Therefore, from now onwards, the shop intends to use from 1 to 20% of its profits to burn shib.

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