SHIB Wrapped on BNB Chain Can Now Be Used for Payments via This Company: Report

In a recent blog post, NOWPayments has spread the word that it is now aiding businesses to accept SHIB wrapped on the BNB Chain (formerly, Binance Smart Chain, BSC) with fees lower and speeds higher than Ethereum. This implies that SHIB BSC is a cheaper alternative to the original Shiba Inu token.

NOWPayments is now enabling businesses to set up a payment gateway for SHIB BSC.

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Although, the firm warns that SHIB BSC being less famous than the original SHIB meme coin raises certain difficulties for businesses, which are, however, quite solvable. The first one is that SHIB BSC is traded not on as many exchanges as Ethereum-based Shiba Inu. However, NOWPayments offers ways to directly convert SHIBSC into fiat – via NOWPayments, for instance.

Asides from installing plugins that are compatible with Shopify, WooCommerce, Zen Cart, etc., will allow receiving payments in wrapped SHIB directly.

As for charities and crypto bloggers, they can add donation widgets to their websites or otherwise buttons or links to accept donations in wrapped Shiba Inu.

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Lately, Cryptolifedigital reported that NOWPayment had announced a brand new partnership with Switchere, a service that helps businesses and merchants accept and withdraw cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to this partnership, numerous companies in the sphere of e-commerce, gambling, and mass retail shopping can start accepting the meme coin loved by a large number of crypto users. Buyers will be spending their crypto, while sellers will receive fiat immediately.

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