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Ethereum Network To Take A Scheduled Upgrade called “Gray Glacier” At Block 15,050,000 On June 29th.

On June 29th, the Ethereum network will take a scheduled upgrade called “Gray Glacier” at block 15,050,000. The Difficulty Bomb will be prolonged by 700,000 blocks via the Gray Glacier upgrade. The mining action of the miners on the current network, Ethereum 1.0 will be discouraged by the Difficulty Bomb after the successful transition to Ethereum 2.0.

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According to the core developer at Ethereum, Tim Beiko, this delay or prolongment of the Difficulty Bomb will be the last. He added that the Bomb would keep fraud off the network because it would require decent technical knowledge.

Miners or node operators which fail to participate in the upgrade will halt in an incompatible Chain following the old rules. And they will be unable to send Ether to operate on the post-Ethereum upgrade.

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According to the 551st core developers meeting, the merge testing-related term was discussed with a debrief on how the 7th mainnet shadow fork went bad. 20% of the nodes dropped off at the merge while more nodes were off after.

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Developers are buoyant despite the outcome of the shadow fork and even deciding on the merge of the second major testnet, Sepolia around Wed, July 6, after the July 4 long weekend in the US.

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