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Dogecoin’s Upgraded Website Is Now Live

As stated by the official Dogecoin Twitter handle, the long-awaited upgraded Dogecoin website is now live.

Ten months ago, Dogecoin Foundation announced to the community the building of a community group to redesign the old website and create a team who could collectively work on any future websites for Dogecoin. This announcement was put on Reddit and Twitter, leading to a group of around 20 Shibes with a wide variety of talents: from writing and translation to HTML, CSS, and graphic design.

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A few weeks back, the Dogecoin Foundation welcomed the community’s feedback on the new Dogecoin preview. Howbeit, there is still something to be done then the translators are not yet concluded, and some minor mobile difficulties are the unfinished work.

Since the Dogecoin Foundation welcomed the community feedback, continuous work has been done on Dogecoin’s new website which remains to preview as shared by Inevitale360, a Dogecoin developer.

Dogecoin’s Website Features

It is good to know that the site is well constructed in English, France, Thailand, Norway, Spain, and four other languages, which include France, Thailand, and the new website’s features include;

  • So home
  • What is Dogecoin
  • Much wallets
  • Very community and
  •  so Dogepedia, the features that the talks on the interest educational piece of Dogecoin.

As stated on the official website, Dogecoin is an open-source P2P digital currency, that favored Shiba Inus worldwide.

One of the pieces in the Dogepedia reads  “In reality, many of the top Dogecoin wallets are cold wallets or hot wallets controlled by exchanges and brokers, and they thus represent Dogecoin held in custody for thousands—or hundreds of thousands, even—of people.”

Another Dogepedia piece stated “The simple fact is that money has utility—and Dogecoin is money! Indeed, Dogecoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies that has been used for this main purpose from day one” to explain the use case of meme coin.

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