The First Phase Of Libdogecoin Is Now Released

The long-awaited Libdogecoin has finally come as announced by Michilumin on his Twitter handle.

Interestingly, this is the Initial/first release of libdogecoin by the Dogecoin Foundation. Libdogecoin is a c library to enable the direct integration of Dogecoin into many different platforms in a lightweight manner, without developers having to procure deep blockchain experience.

It is good to know that update about libdogecoin was once brought by a Dogecoin developer, Michi Lumin two months ago.

The Libdogecoin is designed as a C library (and series of bindings to popular languages ) which allows anyone to build a Dogecoin-compliant product, without needing to be perplexed about the deeper specifics of the crypto functions.

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As reported earlier by Cryptolifedigital, Libdogecoin will be a pure library, not providing a ‘runnable’ node facility. It is intended that connecting the bits into an engine be done at the level above, via the networking libraries of the host language.

With the release of the libdogecoin, it brings some possibilities like;

  • To increase the option for standard-based wallet and node implementations to be developed.
  • To diversify the dependence on the Core wallet as the single definition of the Dogecoin Blockchain.
  • To increase the integration options to improve the adoption of Dogecoin by platforms.
  • To improve the process of partnering with the Dogecoin network so more people run Dogecoinnodes.

Timothy Stebbing, a director at the Dogecoin Foundation also commented on the libdogecpoin release:

I’ve had the privilege of watching these awesome peeps working for months on this first milestone of many. Through blood, sweat and tears these small beginnings have come to life. There are some pretty huge, world-changing plans sitting on the shoulders of this little library..

Elon’s Support For Dogecoin Is On The Increase

It is good to know that Telsa’s Elon hasn’t stopped promoting the largest meme coin. The world’s richest man talking in an interview that Dogecoin is better than Bitcoin in making payments because  “The total transaction capability of Dogecoin is much higher than Bitcoin.”

The Centibillionaire has shown this by adding several support for Dogecoin across his businesses including Tesla and SpaceX. The popular cryptocurrency can be used to purchase Tesla and SpaceX’s merchandise while he looks forward to seeing Dogecoin being used as the “currency of the internet.”

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