NOWPayments Now Supports BONE ShibaSwap To Serve As A Payment Method For Merchants

In a recent development, it was made known that NOWPayments added its support for another Shiba Inu token, BONE ShibaSwap.

The update was made known via the NOWPayments’ Twitter handle, saying that it had extended its adoption on the BONE to activate millions of merchants globally to accept BONE as a payment.

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BONE ShibaSwap On NOWPayments

Consumers now would have an opportunity to make payments in BONE for their desired product while doing online shopping.

NOWPayment has been known for its ceaseless hands of support for the Shiba Inu tokens commonly referred to as SHIB Trifecta. It is worth noting that before listing BONE, the leading payment gateway only supported SHIB and LEASH.

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Furthermore, the NOWPayment has also contributed to the Shib burn via the optional burn feature introduced on March 25th, 2022, via this feature, merchants are made to burn a portion of the profits they earned in SHIB or LEASH.

Shiba Inu Token Became Salary Payment Method Among Companies

As reported by Cryptolifedigital, the SHIB token has become a legendary cryptocurrency that opens up numerous investors to get close to the crypto world and experience the power of decentralized finance

Shiba mass payment has lessened the public that has a good number of their customer or workers holders of the SHIB. There is a lot of stress that companies must go through and their employees as per the salaries issued.

The easy and stress-free payment process that the Shiba payment offers has surpassed the stressful one some companies are going through. The stress of KYC rules and some others have been bypassed in the Shiba payment as the SHIB solves this issue by offering a fast payment method.

To send SHIB salaries, you will only need a SHIB crypto address. These addresses can be generated in a matter of seconds.

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