Shiba Inu Extends Warm Invitation to Elon Musk for Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto,Canada

Elon Musk to attend the Shibarium launch in Toronto

In a remarkable development, Shytoshi Kusama, the enigmatic leader of the Shiba Inu community, has cordially invited Elon Musk to attend the highly anticipated Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Canada. The invitation comes after Kusama quoted one of Musk’s tweets expressing his affection for Canada and playfully suggested, “See you at the Blockchain Futurist Conference.”

Elon Musk to attend the Shibarium launch in Toronto

The invitation holds special significance as it follows Musk’s recent mention of Shiba Inu in one of his tweets. The Blockchain Futurist Conference, scheduled for this month in Toronto, is especially important for Shiba Inu as the cryptocurrency takes on the title sponsorship, aligning itself with major players in the crypto world.

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The conference promises to be an exciting event for Shiba Inu enthusiasts as the team plans to unveil its much-anticipated World Paper, which will showcase all SHIB-branded projects. Additionally, attendees can look forward to in-depth discussions on the Treat project, which will be revealed for the first time. Of particular interest is the potential release of the long-awaited L2 Shibarium at the event, as confirmed by the Shiba Inu lead developer.

A significant highlight of the conference will be the Hack-a-thon for Shibarium, which aims to showcase various Shib-themed products, platforms, and services. Among these are Shib the Metaverse, Shibacals, Shiba Eternity, and Shiboshis, demonstrating the community’s creativity and innovative spirit.

Kumasa is to be transmitted virtually in Toronto

In an exciting first for Shiba Inu, Kusama himself is slated to deliver a virtual speech at the conference, demonstrating the integration of AI technology in the project’s endeavours. Although he expressed regret for not being physically present, he urged the Shib army not to miss the event.

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The concluding celebration of the Blockchain Futurist Conference is expected to be filled with surprises and excitement, offering a sneak preview of the upcoming Shibacon. The event promises to be a groundbreaking occasion for Shiba Inu, providing a platform to showcase its developments and strengthen its position in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

The entire Shiba Inu community eagerly anticipates the presence of Elon Musk, whose interest in cryptocurrency has been evident, and hopes his attendance will further endorse the project’s credibility and potential. The Blockchain Futurist Conference holds the promise of taking Shiba Inu to new heights and solidifying its position as a major player in the cryptocurrency world.


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