Ripple Celebration Party In NYC: Two Out of Five Things Will Happen According To Schwartz

As the XRP community keeps on expecting the impending party to pay tribute to Ripple Labs’ recent triumph against the SEC, famous community member XRPP (XRP production) has estimated five occasions that could happen at the party.

Prediction For Ripple’s Party By XRPP

Recall that on the 5th of September XRPP tweeted that five possible events will happen and that the five events are his “conservative predictions for the Ripple\XRP Community party.”

XRPP, right off the bat, assumed that Ripple could mention at the event that it has completely settled with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Furthermore, the handler expressed that Ripple would declare its initial public offering (IPO) at the party.

Thirdly, the XRP Enthusiasts determined that XRP would flood past its past all-time high (ATH) during the party.

Also, XRPP said SEC chair Gary Gensler will walk nak*d at the party while XRP community members disgrace him.

In conclusion, XRPP anticipated he would do a Jelly-O shot with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse at the party.

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The Response OF Ripple CTO

However, the tweet received responses from the XRP community, with many supporting a portion of the prediction. Curiously, Ripple CTO David Schwartz additionally responded to the tweet, saying that two of the five forecasts will happen.

Note that XRPP is an account on X sharing as it satirizes XRP and Ripple’s tweets. However, the account from the record has consistently provoked the response of XRP community members.

Schwartz has in some cases joined other XRP communities in responding to tweets from XRPP. Schwartz is additionally notable for his awareness of what’s actually funny in the XRP community.

As detailed before, the Ripple CTO cautioned XRPP that one of his tricks could cause him problems. The admonition came after XRPP imparted an implied chat with Judge Analisa Torres, the presiding judge of the SEC v. Ripple case. Responding, Schwartz let XRPP know that imitating a government judge is a crime and can get him convicted.

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Ripple’s Party

In the interim, the XRP community is excited about Ripples’s celebratory party following its legitimate triumph against the SEC.

The occasion, named The Proper Party, is booked to occur on September 29 in New York City. Recently, Ripple tweeted that it will deliver more tickets for the party today by 9 AM (ET).

It noticed that the location has limited space, and participation will be completely on a first-come, first-served.

“if you no longer can make it, please cancel your registration to free up tickets for others!” According to Ripple.

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