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Terra Classic Proposes To incinerate A Total of 8 Million USTC With The View To revive Community Pool

In a rollercoaster journey, the Terra Classic ecosystem’s native tokens, LUNC and USTC, have recently faced both a crash and a subsequent rise, setting the stage for a contentious debate on the platform’s future. At the centre of this debate is Proposal 11958, a controversial move calling for the incineration of 8 million USTC from the community pool to revive Terra Classic tokens, including LUNC and USTC.

Supporters of the burn argue that shedding the excess 8 million USTC is crucial for achieving deflation and stability. They emphasize the substantial 3.49 billion LUNC already held in the community pool, deemed sufficient to cover operational costs. Proponents, led by vocal supporter VegasMorph, believe this action sends a powerful message about actively shaping the Terra Classic ecosystem’s future.

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However, sceptics remain unconvinced, with only 28% of the community voting in favour of the proposal, while 71% opposed it, and an additional 1% wielded the “No with Veto” hammer. Scepticism arises from the community’s preference for alternative burn mechanisms, particularly concerning the 800 million USTC trapped in the inaccessible Risk Harbor wallet, a painful reminder of the May 2022 crash.

Amidst this uncertainty, the market reflects the ongoing debate’s impact. LUNC experienced a 2% dip from its 24-hour high, currently hovering around $0.0001441, while USTC remained relatively stagnant at $0.0325. Despite resistance to the 8 million USTC burn proposal, trading volume witnessed a 10% increase, indicating sustained interest in digital assets.

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The community, having learned bitter lessons from the Risk Harbor saga, actively seeks creative solutions. Ideas under consideration include on-chain burning mechanisms and community-driven initiatives to incentivize USTC burning.

The controversy surrounding Proposal 11958 has sparked a crucial conversation about Terra Classic’s future. The community’s dedication to finding innovative solutions demonstrates resilience and belief in the platform’s potential resurgence. Whether through targeted burns or community-driven initiatives, the ultimate goal is to restore Terra Classic from its recent challenges and reshape its narrative from ashes to ascendancy.

However, the inaccessible 800 million USTC trapped in Risk Harbor’s multisig wallet serves as a stark reminder of the importance of trust, vigilance, and the need for robust contingency plans within the crypto ecosystem. The community’s decision to blacklist the wallet underscores the fragility of trust and the necessity for accountability from third-party partners.


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