SEC Heats Battle with Ripple, Demanding Financial Statements and Raising New Claims

Ripple's Victory: XRP Deemed Not a Security

The ongoing saga between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Labs took a sharp turn this week as the SEC filed a motion in federal court demanding access to Ripple’s financial statements for 2022-2023 and post-complaint contracts governing institutional XRP sales. This escalation suggests a new phase in the legal battle, potentially focusing on transactions after the initial lawsuit was filed in December 2020.

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Key Points of the SEC’s Motion

  • Financial Statements: The SEC seeks Ripple’s financial statements for the past two years, potentially aiming to assess the impact of post-complaint XRP sales on the company’s finances.
  • Institutional Sales Contracts: The SEC wants access to contracts governing sales to institutional investors, suggesting it’s scrutinizing XRP sales post-complaint, even though Judge Torres previously ruled that only pre-complaint institutional sales qualified as security offerings.
  • Judge Torres’ Decision: The SEC argues these documents will help Judge Torres determine whether Ripple’s ongoing actions constitute ongoing violations of securities laws.
  • Potential Penalties: Notably, the SEC also seeks the court to impose sanctions on Ripple, including injunctions and civil penalties, suggesting a more aggressive approach towards the company.

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Implications and Reactions

  • New Battleground: Crypto lawyer Bill Morgan sees this move as a shift in the battle’s focus, away from XRP’s general classification as a security and toward Ripple’s post-complaint sales practices, specifically involving its On-Demand Liquidity (ODL) solution.
  • Bitter Fight Ahead: Morgan anticipates a tough legal battle given Ripple’s objection to all the requested documents and interrogatories.

This development suggests a significant escalation in the SEC’s legal pursuit of Ripple. While the debate around XRP’s general classification as a security might be nearing its end, the focus seems to be shifting towards Ripple’s actions after the initial lawsuit. The coming months promise a fierce legal battle with potentially significant consequences for Ripple and the future of XRP.

Additional Notes

  • This news is significant for the cryptocurrency industry as it could set a precedent for how regulators approach digital assets moving forward.
  • Investors in Ripple and XRP should closely monitor the legal proceedings as they could have a significant impact on the value of the asset.

It’s important to note that this is a complex legal case with ongoing developments. This news article provides a snapshot of the current situation, but it’s recommended to stay updated on further developments through reliable sources.


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