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SHEboshi Minting Would Be In 3 Phases According To Shiba Inu Team

Following the send-off of SHEboshi, an ERC-404 NFT for the SHIB community, the Shiba Inu ecosystem has revealed the steps of minting the digital collection.

SHEboshi Minting Will Be In Phases

The team divided the minting processes into three different phases.

First Phase

Firstly the holders of Shiboshi, Shiba Inu’s original NFT collection: This stage expects to compensate Shiboshi holders for their constant support of the Shiba Inu NFT program.

Shiba Inu took a snapshot of all Shiboshi wallets at block 19227900, to detail qualified wallets. users in this class can mint one SHEboshi for each Shiboshi NFT they hold at zero expense. Other than paying for gas expenses, Shiboshi holders can claim SHEboshi for free.

The claim window, which began yesterday, is open for 48 hours. In the hours of this press release, Shiboshi holders are expected to mint the NFT at zero expense within 16 hours or relinquish their claim.

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2nd Phase

As per the announcement, the subsequent stage will start not long after the Stage 1 claim window closes. This Stage 2 claim window will stay open for 24 hours, with the need given to Doge Killer (LEASH) holders.

According to the announcement, LEASH holders, regardless of how much LEASH they hold, can mint SHEboshi for an expense of 0.05 ETH ($146), excluding gas charges.

With LEASH holders given priority, Shiba Inu fans took to different crypto trading platforms to obtain some tokens to qualify for the SHEboshi claim.

Thus, LEASH embark on an enormous breakout, flooding from $295 to $313 in the previous day. Doge Killer currently is priced at $298, denoting a 24-hour decline of 3.37%.

3rd Stage

In the last stage, the SHEboshis minting cycle will be available to the public and the crypto community. Here, anybody can mint SHEboshi after the Stage 2 claim window slips by.

Like the second stage, a unit of SHEboshi will cost users 0.05 ETH in the third phase, this is without gas charges. The phase 3 claim window will go on until all SHEboshis have been minted.

It bears referencing that every one of the 20,000 units of SHEboshi NFTs will be minted on the Ethereum network. Plans are in progress to connect the NFTs to Shiba Inu’s L2 blockchain, Shibarium.

Prominently, the returns from the sale of SHEboshis will be distributed for different purposes. While a portion of the returns will assist with burning Shiba Inu ecosystem tokens (SHIB, BONE, Chain, SHI, and TREAT), the remaining income will be designated to the team, non-profit projects, foundation, and expenses.

Meanwhile, the SHEboshi NFTs can be traded on OpenSea at a price of 0.109 ETH, equivalent to $318. As per information from OpenSea, SHEboshis brags a complete volume of 1,159 ETH, worth around $3.38 million.

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