XRP Struggles to Regain $1 Glory, Analysts Divided on April Prospects

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XRP’s price continues to disappoint holders, failing to recapture the $1 mark lost since the previous bull run. This underperformance comes despite a strong first half of 2024 for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Currently trading around $0.59, XRP would need a 70% surge to reach $1. This week’s Bitcoin-led market correction pushed the token below the crucial $0.6 level, further dampening investor sentiment.

Despite the slump, some analysts remain optimistic.

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Ambitious Targets and Short-Term Hopes

The past month saw optimistic voices in the crypto community forecasting ambitious targets of $5 and even $10 for XRP. Some believe $10 could be achievable in the short term, while others view it as the pinnacle of this bull run.

However, XRP’s price has largely remained stuck between $0.5 and $0.7 over the past nine months, rarely attempting to break the $1 barrier. A brief surge to $0.74 last month offered a glimmer of hope, but the token quickly retreated.

Lawsuit Impact and Analyst Predictions

Some attribute XRP’s underperformance to the SEC lawsuit. Even a recent legal victory, which saw XRP’s price double within 24 hours, wasn’t enough to reach $1. The closest XRP came was $0.93, followed by a downtrend.

Analyst Tylie Eric boldly predicted a 60% surge for XRP within nine days, aiming for a $1 price point by the end of March. While this timeframe has passed, it reflects optimism for a potential near-future rally.

Other analysts, like EGRAG, see parallels between the current market and the pre-bull phase of late 2017, hinting at a potential aggressive breakout for XRP.

Can XRP Reclaim $1 This Month?

While XRP once thrived above $1 during the last bull market’s peak, the current cycle finds it lagging at $0.59. Reaching and exceeding $1 within April seems unlikely to some experts.

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Changelly, a crypto trading platform, offers a more conservative target, predicting a maximum of $0.75 for XRP in April.

The road to $1 for XRP remains uncertain. While some analysts predict a significant surge, others believe a more gradual climb is likely. Only time will tell if XRP can recapture its past glory this month.

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