Exclusive: Arthur Hayes Unveils Bitcoin’s Future Growth Prospects at Token2049

During the Token2049 conference in Dubai, BitMEX’s co-founder, Arthur Hayes, discussed the monetary policies of several economic giants, including the US government, China and Japan. Hayes highlighted Bitcoin as the ideal solution for times when central banking balance sheets are expanding.

Hayes began by explaining that real yields will continue to be negative, as the US Fed and Treasury are actively managing to maintain this trend by borrowing funds at lower rates. If this trend continues, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will continue to increase in value. However, he warned that there is a slim chance that the real yields will turn positive anytime soon.

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Hayes also expressed his belief that the GDP numbers claimed by the US and other governments are artificial and announced to the public to maintain social stability.

He suggested that the solution to the issues surrounding fiat monetary policy lies outside of it. Hayes highlighted gold as the historical choice, but pointed out its numerous drawbacks, such as its bulkiness and the potential for government seizure. He believes that Bitcoin has all the merits of gold, without any of the potential negative sides.

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Hayes predicted that the US’ monetary policy will remain the same, and therefore, people should turn to Bitcoin and not be deterred by recent gains. He believes that BTC’s price will continue to rise and will not stop at $100K. Hayes has made some quite bullish predictions regarding the price of BTC, including a $750,000 price tag for BTC in the next couple of years.

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