Shiba Inu’s Shibarium Hit by Temporary Outage, Network Services Still Down

Shibarium, the layer-2 blockchain associated with Shiba Inu, experienced a temporary network outage over the weekend. The issue stemmed from networking problems among validators, entities responsible for verifying transactions and maintaining network integrity, according to a developer update from Kaal Dhairya.

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The good news is that the core network functionality has been restored. However, some Shibarium-related services, including the block explorer Shibariumscan and external RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls), are still facing downtime. Dhairya has informed the community that these services will remain unavailable until specific measures are implemented. He has called upon external developers working on Shibarium’s infrastructure to collaborate through designated channels like Telegram and Slack to expedite the resolution.

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Shibarium Sees Record Account Growth Before Outage

This outage comes on the heels of a significant surge in user activity on Shibarium. The network witnessed a record-breaking daily account increase of 13,314 on April 13th, pushing the total account count beyond the 100,000 mark. This surge represents the highest daily growth since Shibarium’s launch in August 2023.

Network Outage Not Shibarium’s First Technical Hurdle

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first technical hurdle Shibarium has encountered. Shortly after launch, a major issue forced the mainnet RPC offline, taking the network into private mode for two weeks while developers addressed the problem. Shibarium successfully relaunched on the mainnet after this intensive scaling period.

Shibarium new stat
Shibarium new stat

Daily Transactions Dip After Outage

While Shibarium boasts over 417 million processed transactions, 1.78 million addresses, and 4.32 million minted blocks since its inception, daily transactions have dipped considerably in recent days. The daily count, which peaked at nearly 1 million on April 15th, currently sits at around 10,000. It remains unclear whether the network outage or broader market volatility is responsible for this decline.


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