XRP: A Long Road to Triple Digits?


XRP, the world’s seventh-largest cryptocurrency by market cap, has seen a modest recovery recently. While up 13% over the past year, this pales in comparison to rivals like Bitcoin and Solana, which have surged over 100%. Stuck at its 2018 price point of $0.53, XRP’s future performance remains uncertain.

Despite the lacklustre presence, analysts are bullish on XRP’s long-term potential. Changelly, a crypto exchange, predicts a staggering price of $104 by April 2040, a timeframe of 16 years. Their most conservative estimate sits at $96, with an average target of $104.62. This translates to a monumental 19,639% increase, placing XRP’s market cap in the trillions – surpassing even Apple’s current valuation.

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Beyond Technicals: Factors That Could Propel XRP

While Changelly’s report focuses on technical analysis, other factors could significantly influence XRP’s price trajectory. A key element is the ongoing legal battle between the SEC and Ripple. A swift resolution could pave the way for XRP exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and even a Ripple IPO, attracting significant investor interest.

Regulation and Global Adoption: Tailwinds for XRP

Regulation itself could play a positive role. Ripple holds over 30 US money transmitter licenses, signifying potential widespread adoption within the American financial system. Globally, XRP is already gaining traction. Japan’s SBI Group, partnering with Ripple, is launching XRP-powered supply chain solutions, mirroring similar projects in China worth over $7 billion.

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The XRP Community Takes Action

The XRP development community is also actively contributing to its growth. A recent automated market maker (AMM) feature on the XRP blockchain allows users to earn passive income, potentially increasing token engagement. Currently, millions of XRP tokens are locked in AMM pools, creating scarcity and potentially driving up prices.

A Long Road Ahead: Volatility Reigns Supreme in Crypto

While ambitious, Changelly’s target highlights XRP’s potential. Sixteen years is a long time, and numerous developments could propel XRP towards triple-digit territory. However, it’s crucial to remember that these are just predictions, and the cryptocurrency market remains highly volatile.


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