Solana (SOL) Surges: Can It Reach $200 in May 2024?

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Solana (SOL) is on a tear, reclaiming the $155 mark and boasting a 31% gain in the first six days of May. Market indicators suggest this bullish momentum might continue, with a potential push towards $200.

Solana’s Price Rally: A Combination of Factors

The global crypto market is experiencing an upswing, with Solana leading the charge alongside other major players like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Positive economic data from the US is credited for this broader market recovery. However, Solana seems to have an additional bullish catalyst.

Solana SOL Price Action in May 2024
Solana SOL Price Action in May 2024

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Open Interest Surge Hints at Investor Confidence

Solana’s derivatives market reveals a key factor driving the price increase: investor confidence. Coinalyze’s Open Interest metric, which tracks the value of active futures contracts for SOL, has jumped by $260 million since May. This signifies a rise in investor participation and a bullish overall sentiment.

Solana SOL Open Interest
Solana SOL Open Interest

Organic Demand vs. Speculative Activity

Interestingly, the $260 million Open Interest increase represents a 19% growth, while the price itself surged by 31.9%. This suggests that organic demand in the spot market, rather than leveraged speculation, is the primary driver of the rally. This bodes well for maintaining support levels during potential price corrections.

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Solana Price Forecast: Bulls Aim for $200, But Hurdles Remain

Reaching the $200 target won’t be a smooth ride. The Bollinger Bands highlight a significant resistance zone at $158.27. A decisive breakout above this level could pave the way for a retest of $200. However, a potential correction would find support at the 20-day SMA of $143.

SOLUSD 2024 05 06 13 37 40
Solana SOL Price Forecast

Memecoin Rally as a Tailwind?

Solana’s price has historically correlated with memecoins like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Shiba Inu (SHIB). Their recent surge could provide an additional tailwind for SOL, potentially increasing its chances of reaching $200 this month.


Solana’s price rally is fueled by a combination of positive market sentiment, increased investor confidence, and organic demand. While reaching $200 will require overcoming resistance levels, historical correlations with memecoins add another layer of intrigue to SOL’s price trajectory in May 2024.


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