The Iconic Dog “Kabosu” Passed Away at 17, Dogecoin Community Mourns

Kabosu, the famous Shiba Inu known as the iconic “Doge” meme and the inspiration behind Dogecoin, peacefully passed away on May 24 at the age of 17, marking the conclusion of an era for an internet icon whose cute face became a global symbol of the playful spirit of the internet.

The Heartfelt Announcements

Her serene departure is a significant moment for her numerous fans, who admired her for bringing joy to people all over the world. Her legacy ensures that she will be warmly remembered for generations to come.

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Kabosu’s owner, Atsuko Sato, announced the sad news and shared plans for a farewell gathering on May 26 to honor the beloved Shiba Inu at Flower Kaori in Kotsu no Mori, Narita City.

Sato’s announcement came after a previous update in December 2022 about Kabosu’s declining health, which prompted an outpouring of support from the crypto community, including Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus.

The Iconic Dog Legacy

Kabosu gained internet fame in 2010 when Atsuko Sato posted pictures of her newly adopted dog on her blog. Among these images, one in particular of Kabosu quickly went viral, giving birth to the “Doge” meme.

This image, along with humorous phrases in broken English and Comic Sans font, became an integral part of internet culture, embodying the playful nature of online humor. By 2013, the meme’s popularity soared with the creation of Dogecoin, which adopted Kabosu’s image as its official logo.

The widespread affection for Kabosu extended beyond the meme itself, with countless fans and members of the crypto community sharing heartfelt tributes and favorite memories of the dog who became an internet legend. Kabosu’s enduring legacy is a testament to her unique charm and the unifying power of internet culture.

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