$MOTHER Memecoin Trader Rakes in Whopping 171x Profit in Just 2 Hours

The recent public endorsement of crypto assets by the former US President has led to a surge in the popularity of celebrity meme coins.

The Details of The Whooping 171x Profit

An expert trader managed to turn an $839 investment into $144,230 in just a couple of hours by trading the token “$MOTHER.” The trader’s portfolio experienced a significant 171x increase following a successful trade of the crypto token. This highlights the growing attention towards celebrity meme coins in the crypto sector.

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Additionally, a video clip of Donald Trump expressing support for cryptocurrency and mocking Joe Biden has contributed to the release of meme tokens by politicians and celebrities to engage with their fan base.

The hype surrounding meme tokens based on the Solana network led to substantial gains for early adopters who invested in $CATASS, $RICH, and $MOTHER tokens, which experienced 279x, 164x, and 381x increases respectively.

The trader capitalized on the rapid rise of the token’s value, purchasing it immediately after the release of its contract address, indicating a deep understanding of the crypto market’s current state and macroeconomic factors.

Celebrities to Launch Their Individual Meme Tokens

The trader’s swift action led to a six-figure value for the tokens within 2 hours, resulting in a significant profit of approximately $143.4k. Moreover, prominent celebrities are also planning to introduce their own meme coins, providing opportunities for investors to profit from such tokens using sniper bots, according to Leshka.eth.

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