Cardano’s ADA Sees Surge in Trading Volume to $300M: What’s Next for the Price Forecast

Cardano’s price has recently shown signs of a bullish reversal. After facing a challenging period in May 2024, where it was among the worst-performing assets in the top 20 market rankings, Cardano has experienced a resurgence in early June.

Cardano Price Reversal in June

The negative impact of Ethereum ETF approvals on rival layer-1 networks contributed to ADA’s struggles in May. However, with uncertainty surrounding the official launch of the ETF, investor sentiment has cooled off, leading to a renewed interest in ADA.

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Since Cardano’s price dropped below $0.44 on May 31, there has been a significant increase in demand for ADA. Its price has surged 4.4% in the first four days of June, adding over $500 million to its market cap.

Cardano Trading Volume Surpasses $300M after Weeks in Decline

The trading volume for Cardano has also seen a notable increase, surpassing $300.63 million as of June 4, reflecting an additional demand of $132 million over the last 4 days. This surge in trading volume following a major price trend reversal indicates strong market interest, potentially leading to further price increases.

Will Cardano Hits $0.50?

Despite the positive momentum, there is a major resistance level at $0.48, with a significant number of ADA holders acquiring the cryptocurrency at this level. If ADA’s price can surpass this resistance level, it may gain momentum and extend the rally beyond the $0.50 milestone. Conversely, if a correction occurs, the $0.44 support level could be critical in the short term.

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