TON Foundation Unveils Exciting Plans to Expand USDT Availability on Ton Platform

The TON Foundation has announced a collaboration with Tether to expand the accessibility of USDT on the TON blockchain for global crypto communities. The foundation plans to integrate TON-based USDT into at least a hundred exchanges and payment processors in established and emerging markets in the near future.

The objective of the alliance is to make USDT on TON widely accessible, with a focus on reaching users across different regions. The initiative aims to complete 100 integrations worldwide, with existing integrations benefiting users in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America.

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These integrations serve dual purposes. Firstly, they facilitate easy access to USDT on TON, providing a seamless entry into the Ton ecosystem for individuals in various countries and markets. Secondly, certain partnerships enable the use of USDT payments for acquiring goods and services using TON.

Paolo Ardoino, CEO of Tether, emphasized the importance of this strategic move, highlighting its potential for driving mass adoption. The TON Foundation has also incentivized the adoption of USDT on its network by allocating millions of TON to encourage the use and retention of USDT in Telegram’s wallet.

The USDT supply on Ton has shown significant growth, reaching a market cap of $130 million within just two weeks of its launch. As of now, there are almost 400 million USDT issued on Ton, indicating a significant increase in supply compared to May 3.

While Ton has seen considerable growth, it currently lags behind Tron, which supports nearly 59 billion USDT as per Tether’s transparency page, making it the blockchain with the highest USDT supply.

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