Cardano Nears “Voltaire” Era: Charles Hoskinson Celebrates Major Milestone

Cardano founder, Charles Hoskinson, recently took to Twitter to celebrate a significant milestone for the Cardano blockchain platform. With the impending release of Cardano Node 9.0, the network edges closer to the much-anticipated Voltaire era.

Cardano Node 9.0: Gateway to the Chang Fork and Voltaire

The release of Cardano Node 9.0 signifies Cardano’s readiness for the Chang fork, a critical network upgrade. Once a sufficient number of Stake Pool Operators (SPO) install the new node (70% adoption rate is targeted), a hard fork can be implemented, ushering in the Voltaire era.

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Voltaire: A New Dawn for Decentralized Governance

The Voltaire era marks a paradigm shift for Cardano, transforming it into a truly decentralized ecosystem with advanced governance capabilities. Here’s what to expect:

  • Global Decentralized Civilization: Hoskinson envisions Cardano evolving into a decentralized civilisation with a global reach and millions of participants.
  • Unprecedented Blockchain Governance: Cardano is poised to introduce the most advanced blockchain governance system ever implemented. This system will empower the community to make crucial decisions regarding the future direction of the platform.
  • Annual Budgets and Treasury Management: The Voltaire era paves the way for the creation of annual budgets and a community treasury. This allows for the allocation of resources towards development initiatives and projects chosen by the community.
  • Collective Wisdom at the Helm: Voltaire empowers the entire Cardano community to contribute their collective wisdom to guide the platform’s evolution.

A Decade-Long Journey of Building a Nation

Hoskinson’s tweet reflects on the remarkable journey of Cardano. He acknowledges the dedication of the community, some of whom have been involved for nearly a decade. He expresses his pride in what the community has accomplished, essentially building a “decentralized nation” within the digital landscape.

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Looking Ahead: A Brighter Future for Cardano and Beyond

Cardano’s imminent entry into the Voltaire era is a significant achievement, not just for the platform itself but for the blockchain industry as a whole. As Hoskinson emphasizes, Cardano offers a beacon of hope, not only for the industry but also for the potential it holds to positively impact the world. With the groundwork laid, the Cardano community now sets its sights on the next decade, aiming to make a substantial mark on the future.

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