Exclusive Interview: Insights from the Industry Expert Who Proposed Shiba Inu at $1T Market Cap

In a recent reported on X, Stubbs discussed the potential future of Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 blockchain, envisioning extensive adoption and active trading of Shiba Inu (SHIB) and Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) pairs on the ‘Shibarium’ network. The post speculated that this could lead to a 24-hour trading volume worth billions of USD, potentially propelling SHIB and BONE to a trillion-dollar market cap.

SpecialK, a moderator on Shibarium’s Discord and Telegram, characterized Shibarium as the backbone of Shiba Inu, suggesting that the L2 network has the power to redefine standards within the crypto space and elevate Shiba Inu to unprecedented levels of innovation and impact.

Source: x.com/CaseyStubbs

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Despite these optimistic projections, Shibarium’s adoption rate has recently declined significantly, with daily transactions averaging less than 10,000 this month, in contrast to the surge recorded in December 2023, when daily transactions ranged between 5 million and 7.5 million. Since March 7, 2024, Shibarium has processed only 17.72 million transactions. However, there is still optimism that the network will experience a substantial turnaround.

Shib and Bone Prices: What to Expect if They Reach $1 Trillion Market

The potential impact of Shibarium’s widespread adoption on the prices of SHIB and BONE was also discussed. While both tokens are currently far from reaching the $1 trillion market cap envisioned by Stubbs, the post speculated on the potential prices of SHIB and BONE if they were to reach this market cap.

SHIB’s current market cap stands at $11.94 billion, while BONE is valued at $123.34 million and is priced at $0.00002018 and $0.53, respectively. If SHIB were to reach a trillion-dollar market cap with a constant circulating supply of 589.27 trillion tokens, its price could be $0.016 per token. Similarly, BONE could be worth $4,349 per token if its market cap reached $1 trillion.

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