Insider Scoop: How Andrew Tate’s $1 Billion Market Cap Promise is Impacting DADDY Meme Coin Sales

Andrew Tate’s recent actions with the DADDY meme coin have garnered significant attention in the crypto community. Tate made a bold move by burning over 400 million DADDY coins, aiming to reduce the coin’s supply and generate market reactions.

Despite Tate’s description of the coin burn as “legendary” and a significant event, the actual market impact is more complex. While the value of the burned coins was approximately $114 million, the liquidity of DADDY in the market is only around $2.5 million. If Tate had chosen to sell the coins instead of burning them, it could have led to a substantial devaluation and instability in the market.

Tate has expressed his vision of DADDY reaching a $1 billion market cap, despite the current market cap being around $165 million. This ambitious goal contrasts sharply with recent insider activities, potentially leading to volatile market movements.

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An insider transaction involving the sale of 15.14 million DADDY coins for approximately $1.74 million in Solana (SOL) has been identified according to Lookonchain. The insider initially acquired 29.8 million DADDY coins for just $1,950, using three different wallets.

Additionally, suspicious trading patterns were detected around the time of DADDY’s launch. Before Tate’s promotional efforts, insiders reportedly acquired 30% of DADDY’s total supply.

While it wasn’t possible to definitively link these wallets funded through Binance, their coordinated activities suggest organized action. Any sale from these wallets could significantly impact DADDY’s liquidity and overall market stability.

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