Breaking : Lil X Still Holds Dogecoin, as Confirmed by Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk affirmed that his son, known as ‘lil X,’ is still vested in Dogecoin. This affirmation came in response to a tweet from a Dogecoin graphic designer, humorously stating that ‘lil X’ has indicated no intention to sell his holdings. Musk’s endorsement of this statement, coupled with a light-hearted comment, swiftly captured the attention of the Dogecoin community, inciting widespread discussions.

Impact on Dogecoin

Elon Musk’s involvement in the cryptocurrency sphere has wielded significant influence over Dogecoin. Often identifying himself as the “Dogefather,” Musk has consistently lent support to Dogecoin through his tweets and actions, such as enabling it as a payment option for specific Tesla products. Historically, his engagement has triggered substantial market responses, highlighting his substantial sway within the crypto community.

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Community Response to Musk’s Recent Tweet

The response to Musk’s recent confirmation regarding ‘lil X’s Dogecoin holdings has been overwhelmingly positive. The vigilant Dogecoin community, known for closely scrutinizing Musk’s pronouncements, perceived this as yet another endorsement of the cryptocurrency’s potential. Additionally, this interaction served as a reminiscent nod to a tweet from February 2021, where Musk revealed that he had purchased Dogecoin for ‘lil X, dubbing him a “toddler hodler.” These nostalgic allusions have reignited enthusiasm among dedicated holders and investors.

Musk’s Ongoing Support for Dogecoin

Musk has a track record of leveraging his influence to enhance the stature of Dogecoin. In May, his tweet about the passing of Kabosu, the dog behind the iconic DOGE meme, immediately resulted in a price surge for Dogecoin. His consistent advocacy has positioned him as a central figure within the Dogecoin community, a status further reinforced by his latest interaction regarding ‘lil X’s holdings.

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Elon Musk’s recent acknowledgment of his son’s continued Dogecoin holdings has once again drawn substantial attention to the cryptocurrency. As the “Dogefather,” Musk’s persistent endorsements and light-hearted engagements with the community underscore his impact on Dogecoin’s market trajectory. Investors and enthusiasts alike will be closely observing how these interactions shape the broader dynamics of the crypto market in the future.

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