SHIB Executive Shares Insights on Shiba Inu’s Progress

The head of marketing for the Shiba Inu team, known as Lucie, recently posted a tweet on their official X account indicating significant progress behind the scenes. While not providing specific details, her statement was optimistic about the substantial development and growth occurring within the team and Shibarium.

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Lucie suggested that these developments, involving collaborations with other projects building their dApps on Shibarium, will have a positive long-term impact, despite likely fluctuations in the SHIB price in the short term. Lucie stated;

The amount of development and growth happening behind the scenes is amazing. Yes, this wonโ€™t reflect in the price now, but the future is bright. All the giants working together can build something exceptional.


According to the Shibburn tracking platform, the SHIB community has successfully burned a considerable amount of meme coins in the past 24 hours by transferring SHIB coins to dead-end wallets. The data from Shibburn shows a remarkable 6212.25% increase in the SHIB burn rate over the last day, resulting in 10,248,752 SHIB being removed from the circulating supply permanently.

This involved four transactions, with three of them moving a total of 10 million SHIB to unspendable blockchain addresses, with quantities of 5,562,297; 3,000,000; and 1,185,536 SHIB, respectively.

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