The Future of XRP: Why $500 Will Be a Bargain in 5 Years

Alpha Lions Academy, Chief Executive Officer, and the Head of Social Adoption for XRP Healthcare Edward Farina, in this report on his official X account has projected that the purchase of XRP at $500 could represent a compelling investment in the future. These projections are based on Farina’s analysis of the potential widespread adoption of XRP by governments, financial institutions, and individual users over the next five years for various financial applications. Furthermore, Farina expressed confidence in the digitization of gold on the XRP Ledger by 2029 and envisions Ripple evolving into a multi-trillion-dollar corporation by that time.


In January, Ripple’s valuation was approximately $11.3 billion following a buyback of $285 million in shares from initial investors and employees. The company also held over $25 billion in cryptocurrency reserves at that time.

Farina anticipates increased positive media coverage for XRP by mainstream outlets like Fortune, The Wall Street Journal, and Forbes in the coming years. He also posits that retail investors and enthusiasts will consider purchasing XRP at $500 per coin as an advantageous opportunity, suggesting a significant surge in the value of XRP by 2029.

Notably, Farina’s perspective is shared by other influential community members who also see purchasing XRP between $100 and $500 as a favourable opportunity by 2033. Farina and others have even more ambitious outlooks, proposing that XRP could ultimately reach $1,000 or even $10,000.

However, analysts external to the XRP community have adopted a more cautious stance. Changelly’s experts predict a longer timeline, suggesting 2050 as the likely year when XRP might reach $500, while Telegaon analysts propose a peak price of $105 for XRP by the same year.

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