Michael Dell’s Poll Put Focus on Bitcoin: What is Going On?

Michael Dell, the CEO and Chairman of Dell Technologies, recently conducted a survey on social media platform called X which raised speculation about the tech giant’s potential interest in Bitcoin (BTC). The survey, asking about the “most important thing,” included options such as AI, Bitcoin, love and relationships, and none of the above.

Breakdown of the Poll

Bitcoin received the highest number of votes, with around 21,380 participants casting their vote, securing 45% of the 47,513 votes at that time. This outcome was not entirely surprising, given Dell’s subtle indications concerning his fascination with BTC.

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Source: x.com/MichaelDell

Experts Reactions

Bitcoin maximalists were quick to react to Dell’s recent actions, and exchanges like Kraken also expressed interest. Dell had previously hinted at following the Cookie Monster on X, but what truly caught the attention of the BTC community was an image of the Cookie Monster enjoying cookies adorned with the Bitcoin logo, fueling the speculation that Dell might be leaning towards BTC once again.

Moreover, Dell reposted a message from Michael Saylor, the founder of MicroStrategy, which stated, “#Bitcoin is Digital Scarcity.” A day before reposting this, Dell tweeted, “Scarcity creates value,” further intensifying the buzz around his potential interest in Bitcoin.

Dell Technologies had embraced Bitcoin as a means of payment in 2014 before discontinuing BTC payments in 2017 due to low demand. Given Dell’s history with BTC, the recent rumours have generated substantial optimism in the crypto space.

Similar excitement has been witnessed in the Bitcoin community regarding Apple, with speculation arising from a cryptic message posted by Michael Saylor of MicroStrategy on X, alluding to the possibility of Apple considering a Bitcoin purchase. With Apple’s significant cash reserves, currently over $47 billion, the company undoubtedly possesses the financial capacity for substantial investments.

Furthermore, Saylor mentioned the potential collaboration between Apple and Bitcoin, suggesting that Apple could integrate Bitcoin’s network security features into its ecosystem. The implications of Dell or Apple’s potential developments could be more significant, not only strengthening Bitcoin as a mainstream asset but also promoting institutional adoption of the crypto. As of now, neither Dell nor Apple has made an official statement on the matter, leading to uncertainty in the community.

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