VeChain’s VeBetterDAO Mainnet Voting: What You Need to Know

The VeBetterDAO mainnet has initiated its first round of voting, following an announcement by VeChain on their official X account. This is a significant step in the platform’s development, allowing users to participate in decision-making processes. Although details about the voting process and outcomes were not provided in the announcement, further updates are expected.

Switch from Testnet to Mainnet

Switching from the testnet to the mainnet involved the manual claiming of remaining testnet rewards, along with a final snapshot of all activities up to June 23. The VeBetterDAO testnet was paused in preparation for the VeChainThor (VTHO) mainnet deployment on June 28. On the same day, holders of testnet tokens B3TR, VOT3, and GM NFT were able to see their balances on the mainnet.

From June 28 to June 30, users could exchange their mainnet B3TR for VOT3 in preparation for the first voting round on July 1. Both project owners and voters are expected to receive their initial rewards on July 8. Following the mainnet launch, new features such as a dApp listing validator mechanism will be introduced gradually.

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Support and Trading Platforms

VeChain has announced support for the token on platforms including,, and These platforms facilitate cross-chain transactions, dollar-cost averaging with VTHO generation, and token swaps based on user preferences.

In celebration of the mainnet launch, VeChain has launched a Gleam campaign offering $VET branded Tangem wallets and UFC tickets as prizes. This announcement coincides with the upcoming HiVe Summit. In response to these developments, VeChain’s VET token has seen a 2.2% increase, trading at $0.02671, and extending its weekly gains by 3%. With a market cap of $2.1 billion, VET currently ranks 49th in the market. It is anticipated that the mainnet launch will further boost the price of these coins, with investors expecting a breakout from key resistance levels.

VeBetterDAO is gaining traction among projects focused on sustainability in the modern economy. For example, the Vyvo Smart Chain uses the $B3TR token to reward users for health monitoring through the Health Index, promoting healthy lifestyles. Other notable applications include Cleanify, which rewards users for environmental cleanliness, NFB Club offering audio streaming services, and Vyvo providing health management solutions. MugShot rewards users for using reusable mugs, promoting sustainability in their coffee routines.

These initiatives showcase the diverse applications and increasing adoption of VeBetterDAO, emphasizing its role in promoting sustainability and healthy living.

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