Crypto Influencer’s Creepy Comments on X Embracing XRP or XLM for Payments in near future

The potential integration of cryptocurrencies like XRP for payment services on X is a subject of ongoing speculation within the community. Recently, Dubai-based crypto influencer Amelie queried X’s in-house AI chatbot, Grok, about the platform’s potential adoption of XRP or its competitor Stellar (XLM) as a payment method. Amelie shared a screenshot of her interaction with the crypto community on X.

Grok Response on XRP or XLM

In response, the AI chatbot Grok acknowledged the speculation surrounding the possibility of X adopting XRP or XLM for payments and mentioned picking up on hints and rumours suggesting that the platform might consider XRP for its payment feature. Grok even mentioned a rumour that Elon Musk has been “testing” XRP payments on the platform, implying that if true, it would be a significant development.

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However, Grok cautioned against jumping to conclusions about XRP’s potential integration, pointing out that X has also been linked to XLM. It noted that both cryptocurrencies share a common founder, Jed McCaleb, and similar goals in international payments.

Grok concluded that there is no clear answer yet regarding which direction X will take with its long-announced payment initiative, and suggested that the crypto community will have to wait and see how things unfold.

Breakdown of the Response

It’s worth noting that reports of Musk allegedly testing XRP payments re-emerged two months ago when some community members pointed to an XRP wallet labeled ‘Musk’. However, this rumor has since been debunked, as anyone can choose any name for an XRP wallet, making the speculation unfounded.

Additionally, if X were to adopt a cryptocurrency, Dogecoin would likely be more favourable in the eyes of Elon Musk than XRP and XLM. For instance, some goods at Tesla Shop are buyable with Dogecoin. It’s also important to note that X has already received a payment license in 31 US states.

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