Solana Memecoin to Launch on Telegram in Partnership with Pixelverse

Pixelverse, a Web3 gaming ecosystem, has successfully brought one of Solana’s popular memes to Telegram in what can be seen as a daring feat. This move was supported by Mew’s creators and marks the first introduction of a principal Solana character to the TON platform.

Unveiling New Memecoin MEW

Mew, the iconic face of the Solana catcoin, is set to make its debut in Telegram’s mini-games through a cross-chain collaboration with Pixelverse. This is expected to benefit both ecosystems by showcasing Solana’s influence in creating enduring meme characters and by introducing a familiar face to TON.

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Despite the integration into Pixelverse, the Mew token itself will not be shifted. Instead, only the intellectual property (IP) will be transferred. The Mew character, known for its intrepid feline design, will be revitalized within Pixelverse’s mini-games, which already feature recognizable figures such as Doge from Dogecoin.

Pixelverse’s mini-games have gained substantial traction, attracting over 50 million users within the first month of their launch on Telegram. This success can be attributed to the platform’s timely release on Telegram, which boasts an extensive user base, including hundreds of millions of crypto users.

In addition to capturing the interest of players, Pixelverse has also drawn attention from venture capitalists. Recently, the web3 entertainment studio secured a $5.5 million seed round with notable investors such as Delphi Ventures and Merit Circle, known for their optimism about web3 gaming.

Meanwhile, Telegram Open Network (TON) has experienced significant growth, particularly since April when the number of active wallet addresses surged. The introduction of ad revenue sharing in TON has played a pivotal role in drawing attention to the native asset and attracting more creators and influencers to the TON ecosystem. TON has further expanded its reach by introducing USDT on its decentralized network in April, making the stablecoin accessible to millions of new users.

TON Recent Successes

TON’s recent successes position it as a potential model for what prominent social networks like Facebook and Meta could have achieved had their initial forays into crypto and blockchain materialized into tangible developments. While regulatory challenges halted Meta’s efforts to launch its stablecoin and Elon Musk appears to have moved away from crypto, Telegram has quietly integrated TON into its messenger app, which has become the primary communication medium for the cryptocurrency community.

Emergence of Tap-to-Earn Games

Another contributing factor to TON’s growth has been the emergence of Tap-to-Earn games, which incentivize users to complete specific tasks. Both Pixelverse and Notcoin have been leading this trend by offering rewards for active user engagement with their apps and games.

With Mew’s upcoming debut on Telegram and the momentum behind TON, it seems evident that the platform, along with Pixelverse, is becoming a significant force in the industry. A successful integration of Mew on Telegram would likely pave the way for other meme characters to make their debut in Telegram mini-games in the near future.

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