Bitcoin’s Big Players: Whale and Shark Wallets Holding 10+ BTC Reach Two-Month Peak – What Comes Next?

Following the recent sell-off earlier in the week, Bitcoin has bounced back above $58,000, displaying strength. On-chain data indicates a notable increase in the number of Bitcoin wallets holding 10+ BTC in recent weeks.

There has been a surge in Bitcoin whale and shark wallets, with larger wallets acquiring supply from smaller traders who have been selling off their holdings during the recent dip. In July, the total number of wallets holding more than 10 BTC has increased by 261, potentially bolstering confidence among traders to establish long-term positions in Bitcoin.

Additionally, CryptoQuant CEO Ki Young Ju revealed that custodial wallets with no outflows have accumulated 85,000 Bitcoins over the past 30 days. This accumulation excludes ETFs, exchanges, and miners, with 16,000 BTC exiting ETF holdings during the same period.

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Furthermore, there has been a resurgence in Bitcoin ETF inflows, with BlackRock’s IBIT leading the way amidst the recent price recovery of BTC.

Notably, Bitcoin’s network fees have frequently been lower than those of Ethereum since 2021, contrary to common belief. Presently, the median transaction fee for Bitcoin is $0.40, while Ethereum’s stands at $0.68. This highlights Bitcoin’s suitability for peer-to-peer payments.

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