Elon Musk, The World’s Richest Man, Revealed What Assets He Thinks It’s Good To Hold When Inflation Is High

Elon Musk, the world’s richest man, revealed what means he thinks it’s good to hold when affectation is high while saying he won’t vend his BTC, ETH, and DOGE. The world’s richest man – Elon Musk – took it to Twitter to reveal that the company he spearheads – Tesla – is coming under pressure from the adding inflation.

Elon Musk Opinion

He also participated with his opinion on what means it’s better to enjoy when affectation goes up. In a recent tweet, the man behind Tesla and SpaceX participated that both companies are coming under pressure from the adding affectation performing at high commodity prices.

High affectation figures are also reflected in the US Consumer Price Index. The country’s Bureau of Labor Statistics released the figures on March 10th, and the indicator that’s largely used to gauge affectation came in at7.9 – the loftiest in decades. opining under Musk’s post was the CEO of MicroStrategy – Michael Saylor – who said USD consumer affectation will continue near each- time highs, and asset affectation will run at double the rate of consumer affectation. Weaker currencies will collapse, and the flight of capital from cash, disbenefit, & value stocks to scarce property like Bitcoin will consolidate.
Musk responded that it’s not surprising that Saylor would “ reach that conclusion. ” To his point, Saylor’s company does hold over,000 BTC, and he’s one of the cryptocurrency’s most oral sympathizers. nonetheless, Musk also participated in his studies on what means he thinks are good to hold under the current dilemma As a general principle, for those looking for advice from this thread, it’s generally better to enjoy physical effects like a home or stock in companies you suppose to make good products than bones
when affectation is high.

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