Charles Hoskinson Teases Bitcoin, Doge, and Cardano Cross-Chain for “Decentralized Twitter”

Lately, Charles Hoskinson teased the cryptocurrency community after telling Elon Musk that he is ready to create a decentralized version of Twitter if he cannot buy out one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

After the offering, Hoskinson faced a wall of criticism, which include questions about the choice of the network for a potential decentralized alternative to the platform. Since Hoskinson’s choice for a Cardano blockchain, users stated it would not be fair if the  “free version” of Twitter would work on one blockchain only.

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But Hoskinson rushed to calm the community down with the concept on the decentralized version of the social network would work. As stated by another Tweet, Hoskinson would be glad to raise a cross-chain between Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Cardano for the platform.

Interestingly, Hoskinson did not mention the  Ethereum network in his blockchain trifecta since it is considered the major competitor of Cardano in the same category as Solana.

Will Musk accept the offer?

Since Cardano has barely implemented smart contracts technology and has released some solutions on the network, it is almost not feasible that someone would successfully build such a complicated structure like a social medial platform based purely on is not obvious how cryptocurrencies fit platforms like Twitter apart from tipping and transferring funds, which is not a primary goal of such platforms.

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Even if the richest person on the Earth builds a decentralized alternative on Twitter, he will likely select more sophisticated networks like Ethereum, which has proven its validity as a network with complicated solutions build on top of it.

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