86.6 Billion SHIB Bought by Whale, Who Grabbed Almost 2 Trillion SHIB in April

This whale keeps buying SHIB persistently to sell it later on, as data from WhaleStats shows.

Since April 10, he has already acquired over 1.2 trillion SHIB tokens, along with a few other ETH investors that have also been purchasing massive chunks of Shiba Inu.

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86.6 billion SHIB lands in this wallet

WhaleStat has reported that over 17 hours ago, the owner of the  “BlueWhale0073” address gobbled a close to 90 billion SHIB – 86,679,001,529 tokens, paying $2,111,500 for that astounding amount of crypto.


As reported by cryptolifedigital earlier, over the past two weeks, this whale had scooped up 1.2 trillion meme tokens. Three days ago, he acquired 50 billion SHIB.

Apart from that, on Friday whale “Bombur” grabbed a 50,296,290,794 SHIB lump, having bought a similar amount of SHIB earlier this week.

However, pages of these wallets on WhaleStats show that these investors have been buying SHIB to make a quick buck – the second-largest canine coin is the largest incoming asset and the biggest outgoing coin too.

This week, the price of SHIB has been fluctuating slightly, reaching a low of $0.00002401 on April 18 and then surging to the $0.0000256 level, which is enough to make a substantial profit trading massive piles of tokens.

Whales’ SHIB balance melts

WhaleStats page that shows key data related to the 100 biggest wallets on the Ethereum chain says that the overall supply of Shiba Inu held by ETH whales has been shrinking.

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On April 23rd, it is $1.2 billion worth of SHIB, while a day before it was a $1.4 billion equivalent of Shiba Inu.

Notwithstanding, SHIB continues to hold the position of the largest crypto asset by the USD value held by the largest Ethereum whales.

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