219 Billion SHIB Bought by Major Shiba Whale as Token Spikes by 10%

Ethereum investor “BlueWhale0073” continues scooping up Shiba Inu, purchasing the meme token in the billions. His most recent purchase of the canine cryptocurrency was almost 5x bigger than the one made last week.

219 billion Shiba grabbed by a whale, with 2 trillion bought earlier

WhaleStats has reported another significant purchase of the second-largest canine token by market cap—Shiba Inu. Over 12 hours ago, a staggering 219,332,229,787 SHIB were sent to the whale’s 0x66e092fd00c4e4eb5bd20f5392c1902d738ae7bc wallet. This is the equivalent of $5,454,792 in fiat.

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notwithstanding, the whale has already sold the majority of the SHIB tokens he purchased in this huge buy. The transaction page shows the  “BlueWhale0073” wallet now holds less than a billion Shiba Inu—906,808,367.54 tokens worth $22,010.

The page of the wallet also shows that SHIB constitutes the biggest part of the inflowing and outflowing crypto: over 90% of it.

The owner of the  “BlueWhale0073” wallet is among the largest SHIB buyers this month. As cryptolifedigital covered earlier, between April 10 and April 23, this whale acquired over 2 trillion Shiba Inu.

On April 23rd, he added 86.6 billion SHIB, which cost him $2,111,500. Notwithstanding, this is not the only crypto investor who has been buying Shiba lately. On April 25th, whale  “Bombur” (named after a dwarf character in Tolkien’s iconic fairy tale “The Hobbit: There and Back Again”) grabbed 52 billion SHIB valued at $1,178,967.

SHIB rises 10%, following Dogecoin

On Monday, Shiba Inu demonstrated a rise of 10.09% on the Binance exchange. The price surge of the meme token followed the massive increase of Dogecoin, which soared after reports came out that Twitter was likely to accept Elon Musk’s $43 billion bid next Monday.

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Over the past 24 hours, it has shown a comprised growth of around 32%, trading at $0.1646.

Unlike Dogecoin, SHIB has already lost a portion of yesterday’s profits, now exchanging hands at the $0.00002443 level

On this news, the original meme coin spiked above 13% just minutes after the first reports came surfaced. Later that day, Musk’s buy of Twitter was officially announced, and the coin’s rise continued.

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