AXE to Drop Dogecoin-Themed Deodorant Stick Today

Unilever subsidiary brand Axe is going to drop 100 Dogecoin-themed antiperspirant deodorant sticks this Wednesday.

As reported by U.Today, the limited edition of “Dogecan: The Stick” was initially announced on “Dogeday,” which is celebrated on Apr. 20, abbreviated as 4/20.

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Dogecoin fans have to register in advance to be able to purchase one of the sticks with the help of their favorite meme coin.

Last year, Axe also dropped a “crypto scented” body spray inspired by the top meme cryptocurrency roughly a year ago. It initially intended to release a limited edition of such cans if the price of Dogecoin were to reach $1.

One of the leading deodorant brands decided to give away some of them for free even though DOGE refused to achieve the aforementioned price milestone.

The community managed to snatch up the free cans in only 10 minutes.

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As stated by the Cryptolifedigital, the price of dogecoin recently rise to $0.171, the highest of its kind since early April, after social media giant Twitter announced that it has reached a taken over agreement with Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The high-profile deal is expected to boost the adoption of Dogecoin given that the Bitcoin parody is the favorite cryptocurrency of the billionaire.

However, the cryptocurrency quickly gave up its gains, plunging by more than 13%. That said, DOGE remains among the top 10 biggest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

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