OpenSea NFT Heavyweight Onboards 5,000 MetaShips Collection of MetaMetaVerse

MetaShips is a unique collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) created by the MetaMetaverse platform as part of its in-app design. Holders of MetaShips will be able to use them in future activities on the platform.

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5,000 MetaShips are available on OpenSea

According to the official announcement shared by the MetaMetaverse platform for digital artists and Metaverse owners, its pioneering NFT collection, MetaShips, is now available on the largest digital collectibles marketplace, OpenSea.

MetaShips are integrated as the first-ever upgradeable cross-chain NFT collection in the cryptocurrencies segment. Technically, they are minted on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain, but they will also be available on Layer 2 solutions (starting from Polygon) through MetaMetaverse commands.

MetaShips’ collection includes four types of ships: Common (50% of aggregated supply), Uncommon (45% of supply), Rare (4.54% of supply), Ultra Rare (0.55% of supply).

MetaMetaverse CEO and founder Joel Dietz highlight the importance of the MetaShips release for all enthusiasts of MetaMetaverse and its immersive gameplay:

“MetaMetaverse is the first step to building a spacefaring civilization. The MetaShips are your ticket to getting there. We are happy to see many people signing up and getting their ships

Due to their upgradeable functions, all MetaShips come with various speed characteristics and combat abilities. The first items in the collection were uploaded to OpenSea on May 9, 2022.

Enthusiasts will be able to buy land plots in MetaMetaverse

Besides being the first ecosystem of digital collectibles by MetaMetaverse, MetaShips serve as “entry tickets” to Tier 1 of MetaMetaverse participants. They will be required to purchase land plots in the MetaMetaverse world once the platform is live on the mainnet.

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Also, MetaShips will be integrated into new types of governance designs associated with MetaMetaverse’s civilization. MetaShips holders will be able to claim additional NFT rewards and drops by MetaMetaverse.

As covered by Cryptolifedigital previously, MetaMetaverse is a platform for the seamless and straightforward creation of customized Metaverses in different styles.

As far back as March 30th, 2022, it also hosts Re-stat Foundation’s first-ever university in Metaverse.

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