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Grayscale Releases its First European ETF

One of the world’s largest digital currency asset managers broadcast the integration of its first European ETF, which is going to track Bloomberg’s Grayscale Future of Finance Index, giving investors exposure to digital assets, finance, and technology companies.

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The newly arrived exchange-traded products are expected to be listed on the London stock exchange (LSE), Borsa Italiana, and Deutsche Borse Xetra.

Back in February, Grayscale listed its ETP in the United States, offering the same type of exposure to U.S. investors. The Future of Finance Index tracks companies represented by three sections: Financial Foundations, Technology Solutions, and Digital Asset Infrastructure.

The Digital Assets infrastructure “pillar” includes companies involved in cryptocurrency mining, energy management, and other activities tied to the crypto ecosystem. Technology Solutions and Financial Foundations provide exposure to digital economy technology providers and financial institutions like asset managers and brokerages involved in the digital economy.

The first broadcast ETF with Bloomberg is part of Grayscale’s expansion method as the firm is getting new markets and providing more digital economy exposure to investors. The opening of a fresh product is also tied to the increasing institutional and retail demand for products related to the digital assets industry.

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As said by the global head of ETF investments at Grayscale, the firm agrees that the digital economy will become a major driver for the local economy in the future, particularly with investors easily getting experience with locomotive companies that already drive the adoption of digital Finance.

While Grayscale keeps on pushing the adoption of its products on two continents, its “traditional” products like Grayscale Bitcoin Fund are trading at a massive 30% discount as institutional and retail traders are not yet interested in getting exposure via Grayscale’s solutions.

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