Cardano’s Sidechain Milkomeda Could Become Network’s ZkRollup

Cardano’s Milkomeda sidechain, which has been working for nearly two months now, may one day become a roll-up to Cardano’s main chain, according to Cardano Insights.

As Cardano blockchain explorer proposes, Milkomeda has processed more than 5 million transactions since its release, or roughly 100,000 transactions daily. Despite such a large flow of transactions, users are not facing any issues with transaction costs or network congestion. The average cost of a transaction is USD 0.001.

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Presently, Milkomeda supports wrapped tokens through two bridges: Celer and Nomad.

Traders can use stablecoins like USDT and USDC and cryptocurrencies like AVAX, BNB, and ETH, besides a variety of Ethereum-based tokens.

In terms of security, the platform offers better and cheaper solutions compared to sidechains like BSC thanks to trusted operators on Cardano who run the network. As Insights Cardano suggests, any explicit activity by operators would cause an immediate loss of delegator spots on L1.

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Milkomeda was released on the Cardano network first with Solana support planned for the future. The project delivers roll-up tech for L1 ecosystems like Cardano and offers the building of cross-chain decentralized applications with Solidity, the most popular smart contracts language in the industry.

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