Charles Hoskinson Says Cardano Will Disclose “Amazing” Features of Input Endorsers Next Week 

Cardano’s development team has proceeded to develop the network to enable it to rival the top blockchains in the industry.

In spite of the wonderful performance of Cardano in late years, the development team is in no mood for rest as they proceed to construct new infrastructure and protocols to make the network more scalable.

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While the community is still anticipating the important characteristics that will be rolled out along the Vasil Hard Fork later this month, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano, has teased about the amazing features that will be added to the network’s Input Endorsers upgrade.

According to a recent tweet made by Hoskinson, the Cardano development team discussed the features that will be added to the Input Endorsers upgrade, which is slated to go live later this year.

However, Hoskinson refused to give the Cardano ecosystem a tip or two about what they would be expecting, he shared that the team will discuss extensively in a video the upcoming features that will be added to Input Endorsers by next week, the period of the upcoming Consensus 2022 conference.

“Just got off a research call. I think everyone will be pleased about some genuinely amazing things coming together for Input Endorsers. We’ll have a video at Consensus on it,”  Hoskinson said.

Cardano Input Endorsers to Usher In Faster Transactions

Input Endorsers is a Cardano upgrade slated to go live later this year after the Vasil Hard Fork  Event.

The integration is expected to yield a super-quick layer-1 network in the battle for supremacy among top blockchain networks, including Ethereum and Solana.

The Input Endorser was first discussed in Cardano’s Ouroboros research paper published by Input-Output Global (IOG).

While Cardano’s Ouroboros protocol has enhanced the network’s security and faster transaction processing, Input Endorsers will amplify the entire performance of the blockchain, especially bolstering the speed it takes to complete transactions and develop decentralized applications (dApps).

Input Endorsers to Meet Future Demands

Although the current Cardano network has been running uninterrupted for more than five years and meeting users’ demands, input Endorsers represent a future preparation that the IOG agrees should be made available before the need for it arises.

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Input Endorsers plan to make Cardano super fast by splitting each block into two, with one deployed to hold transaction data, while the other is used as a consensus block.

Last month, John Woods, IOG’s Director of Cardano Architecture, gave more  insights into how the firm intends to go about the implementation of Input Endorsers:

“If we decompose it, we split the block into two. So, we no longer have a single block on the network, but we now have two blocks. And we use one block to hold transactions and another block to achieve consensus.”

Woods added that when Input Endorsers go live, Cardano will always have consensus every 20 seconds and transactions can be sent all the time instead of waiting as demanded in the current system.

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