Ethereum Hashrate Hits New ATH, While New Investors Inflow Network

Glassnode analytics agency has brought out that Ethereum Hashrate has made seen another spike, rising to a new ATH of 1,255,783,319,785,900 H/s.

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As stated by a chart from coinwarz, this is quite a substantial rise as the ETH hash rate surged from 1.1838 PH/s to 1.2995 PH/s since Friday, June 3.

However, Ethereum mining difficulty has also spiked, reaching 5,703,436,743,435,700. Mining difficulty rises once in a while after an inflow of new miners who come after profits making it harder for them to solve mining problems.

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At the same time, Glass node has reported that the amount of small-size investors – wallets that hold more than 1 ETH – has increased to reach a new historic peak of 1,484,710.

At the Writer’s time, the second-largest cryptocurrency is turning hands at $1,765, according to the CoinMarketCap data.

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