Cardano Metaverse Cardalonia Dispenses Staking Platform and Forthcoming NFT Clan

As previously reported by Cryptolifedigital, Cardalonia is a decentralized and fully customizable virtual world where players can build, own and customize their own experiences utilizing the Cardano Blockchain and earn $LONIA, the utility token Cardalonia.

The Cardano-based startup has gathered significant interest even with the bear market as they have been able to fill 30% of the present round allocation days after announcing the release of their  Lonia Token Sale. The Seed round is still ongoing and interested participants can do so here

Cardalonia is powered by $LONIA, a utility token that serves as the native currency of the ecosystem. 

While Cardano (ADA) is enjoying a renaissance even when the crypto market is still in high volatility, Cardalonia, the native metaverse project of the cryptocurrency, introduces a couple of new features that should arouse interest in the metaverse among the gaming community.

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What Does Cardalonia Have to Offer?

As there are many metaverses already on the blockchain, one might ask how Cardalonia differs from your typical metaverse.

  • Flexible staking feature: The newly introduced staking vault brings many extra benefits for gamers of Cardalonia. For example, land sales and pre-sale tickets are available for those who want to stake their $LONIA tokens via the vault. The flexibility of staking is similar to that of Cardano Stake Pools. Also, users who choose to stake $LONIA have an opportunity to earn some passive income, which could go up as high as 20%. Even though $LONIA is not yet listed on top crypto exchanges, it’s already available for purchase on Cardalonia’s official website.
  • Government by the community: Once fully released, the Cardalonia metaverse will become a DAO, meeting that each $LONIA will have a vote at deciding the prospects of the metaverse. Of course, after you purchase the $LONIA token, you also have the option to buy land and hold your digital assets, as well as avatars, in the acquired plot. At the minute, 1 ADA token equals 13 $LONIA.

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Forthcoming 4 Types of Clans

Once the full version of the metaverse is launched, there will be 4 playable NFT clans on the metaverse. These include:

  1. The OGs: The beginning of Cardalonia civilization, the first aliens that discovered the new realm.
  2. The Royals: These are rarer than the OGs and have more abilities. They have way longer burnout times, and have rare traits, but are direct descendants of the OGs.
  3. Peasants: These are ordinary people of the Cardalonia civilization. They can haunt and get rewards as well as complete quests. There were said to be over 225,000 peasants in the realm.
  4. Lords & Knights: it’s a clan similar to the Royals, but with better multiplying power. For example, they can churn a warrior or a knight by being bred together with a peasant. However, Lords & Knights will were more common than the Royals.

These will also be a lot of opportunities for users to get income. For instance, one can rent out land or just simply mint NFTs and use them as game assets. The NFT clan doesn’t have an exact release date yet, but Cardalonia with all of its full features should be uncovered in late 2022.

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